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Thursday, December 24, 2015

13 days to go

Merry Christmas Eve! The time is getting closer for me to join the throngs of spiritual soldiers. I am grateful to have a couple weeks to spend Christmas at home. We are excited to have lots of extended family coming in from Boise this weekend for my farewell- we'll be filling every bed! 

My oldest brother, Kelly also came in Tuesday night from Southern California, and it has been fun having him here as well. We went skiing, saw Star Wars (again), and today for lunch we went to eat at the Mongolian Grill in Layton- I'm sure it is very authentic. ;) Here's a rare picture of all 6 of us in the same place! 

As far as mission preparation and readiness goes, everything just kind of seems like a blur right now. The days are one by one ticking away, and I know there's a lot to do, and I still need to go shopping and maybe start putting things in those big suitcases in my room, but I honestly don't even know what to tell people when they ask "How are you feeling?" because I just don't really know. Excited, I guess? I'm just very calm and ready to take on whatever challenges that will face me in the MTC. *cough* learning Mongolian *cough cough* My parents seem to be doing plenty of anxious worrying for the whole family ;) They are very excited and supportive of my mission, and I am so thankful and humbled by all of the people that have reached out to help me and my family as we embark on this spiritual journey. Merry Christmas, all! 

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  1. It was absolutely wonderful to spend the weekend with you and your family. You will be a force for good that Mongolian people will never forget.