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Sunday, April 3, 2016

More Shepards!

Lots of great stuff happened this week! We had Zone Conference on Saturday and it was super great. Elder Cowles, Heacock and Urness are all my zone so that was a fun little family reunion! We talked about a lot of things, but one of the most prominent things that stood out to me was the need to find more priesthood holders in Mongolia. We discussed the priesthood holders being the shepherds of the church. I reflected on a seminary class I had years ago in Junior high about shepherds, and ever since that has been a special topic to me. That last few days I have devoted more personal study time to the priesthood, and my appreciation and love for that sacred power has skyrocketed. I realized that I haven't understood or appreciated how blessed I am that my father holds and honors that gift, as well as my good friends. Zone conference really fired me up about finding more men to teach.

Before Mongolia, I wasn't really worried about what other people did with their lives. I figured as long as I was doing what's right and taking care of myself, then that was good enough. But I can feel the Lord changing me in that regard. I will share a couple experiences with you.

All the little Hoonsnee Delgoors (grocery stores)
The day after zone conference, we were in a taxi, and our driver was a nice, young lawyer with a wife and a 1 year old baby. We gave him a card for the free English classes offered at the church and invited him to come. He was very grateful! Then he didn't even charge us for the ride!  But as we spoke with him, the thought kept coming to my mind "He would make a great priesthood holder." I wanted so badly to tell him how the gospel can bless his family. Leaving his car, I actually felt genuinely sad that we couldn't share the message of the restoration with him. Sometimes it's really hard to not be able to speak openly about the gospel, especially when you come across really great people who you know would be happy to hear it.

Lunch with a member

Another small experience: we were on a bus, and there was a man probably in his mid or late 40's near the front that was looking at me (because everyone looks at you if you're American) so I smiled at him and he smiled back. Without even realizing it, I caught myself praying for this man whom I have never spoken to, that someday, whether in this life or the next, he will have the opportunity to hear the gospel and receive the priesthood.

Add Sea Weed to my "ate it" list

The priesthood trend continues when on Sunday a new father had the opportunity to bless his little baby in sacrament meeting. As he gave the blessing, although I didn't understand all the words, the spirit again reconfirmed to me that the priesthood power is the same in every country, in every language, and it is real and unchanging.

Sister Gardner and myself

I was again studying the the words of King Benjamin this week. I hope to become a more mighty and bold speaker when I have the opportunity to testify of the power of the priesthood and repentance. I'm so grateful that we can repent every day. I have learned how to utilize that gift, and in a purely selfish and physical sense, it helps me sleep better at night :) After I pray to my Father in Heaven, I know that I can go to bed having been forgiven of my mistakes of the day.

I love pianos

Mongolia is cool, yo! I'm not much of a big city girl, but I'm really starting to like this place :)

Studying with headlamps while the power was out

I'm glad you enjoyed conference- I'm excited to get to listen to it next week!We don't get to watch it until next week because it has to be translating to Mongolian! I loved the pictures! I recognized more people from the Logan Institute choir.

Ханьсэн Эгч

Rationing my Peanut Butter

Mongolian washing machine requires water from shower

Mongolian Clothes Dryer (at least this apartment)

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