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Sunday, April 24, 2016

These are not Noodles!

To add to my running list of new foods, this weeks addition was sheep intestine. When the potential investigator we were meeting with put the plate in front of me, I thought it was just really thick flour noodles- with a weird texture look to it. I didn't really think much of it though, and put it right in my mouth. These are not noodles. I REPEAT THESE ARE NOT NOODLES. You can't really chew them... you just kind of mash it as much as you can then swallow the whole thing. Tastes like rubber.

Potatoes on a stick. It was only 500 Tugrugs so like 25 cents.
Lot's of fun things happened this week. I went on an STL split with Sister Harker and got to meet a few of the people she's teaching, and they were are all really great lessons. I think she's almost at her year mark or something and her Mongolian is really good, so it was good to be able to practice my language with her.

Tegeed ["And then" in Mongolian] that night Sister Gardiner lost our room key (not bitter) and we ended up sleeping on the floor of another companionship's apartment. And of course it had to be on an English night, when we have to get up early to get to school. Also right after English we had a zone training, and we definitely had not showered and I had been wearing the same outfit for 3 days at this point because I had approximately 5 minutes to pack before our split and while in Mongolia dirt everywhere is just a way of life.

It all eventually turned out ok. We got a new key and went directly home to shower and do studies. We didn't get to meet anyone that day though which was a bummer, but we made up for it by being super awesome the rest of the week.

This is the zaak where we buy our groceries!
Let's talk about "M" for a sec. Our miracle boy. He is definitely our hamgeen mundug sonerhogch. That kid has so much faith. This week he had a big important test that he was really nervous for and thought he was going to fail. But before he went in, he prayed really hard and ended up getting in the top 15%. He said he could feel God helping him remember all the answers. He has another big test coming up and he's going to study really hard and pray for help and he's not even nervous. Hahaha then yesterday at church his sister (member) told us yesterday he didn't read from the Book of Mormon then he had a dream that Sister Gardiner asked him if he was reading the scriptures and it freaked him out so now he'll never miss a day again :)

On the left is our friend Mongtoia, and second to right is an awesome ward missionary Odvold who is getting ready to turn in her mission papers! We're so excited for her. I also get to go on a split with her tonight.

We were so lucky to get so many referrals this week. We have 2 more to contact today that we didn't have time to yesterday. We spent a whole day this week doing some "visiting teaching" with our awesome relief society sisters, and trying to get more investigators. Just think about this for a sec. Our entire ward is converts. Pretty cool, huh? Converts teaching converts, and inviting more people to be converted to Christ. Mongolia is really awesome that way.

I love the scriptures. I love Jesus Christ, and I love being a missionary! There- I said it!

Sister Hansen

After we do all our p-day stuff today, we're going to the dinosaur museum. And if you can't tell, I'm really excited about it.

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