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Monday, September 19, 2016

Camel/Yak Leggings, Socks, & Mittens

"Organize yourselves; prepare every needful thing; pray always, that ye may not faint until I come. Behold, and lo, I will come quickly." -WINTER

Our little friend, Erdenbayar!

Yes folks, Mongolian winter is coming. It has come to the point where we don't leave our house without tights and a scarf now. Today we are headed to the big narantul zaakh to stock up on camel/yak leggings, socks, mittens, and all that good stuff you can't get in America.

We hike every day in our area. So what do we do on P-day? Hike some more!!! :)

Zone conference was this week, which you already know! It was great! Sister Harper talked about battling Satan with our words, and avoiding spreading the fire of negative comments. She was raised on a farm so she shared a really great experience of a fire during harvest season and related it to negative thoughts and speech. It was awesome.

The little choir also did so well! I was so nervous because people had kind of stopped coming to practices, and I didn't know how many would actually sing, but it was so amazing to have more people on the stand than in the congregation! They did great, and the spirit was super strong, and I'm just really grateful I had that opportunity to bring some music!

School! School. I don't know what to say about school. I think it will be better. We've made an agreement that there must be a Mongolian teacher in the room at all times, and if there's not then we won't teach a lesson. The Mongolian teacher is responsible for all disciplinary issues and classroom behavior, which will hopefully make it possible for us to teach a lesson. We'll see how it goes! Sister Kofoed and I teach two 6th grade classes and two 11th grade classes, and I also teach with Sister Lichtenberg at her school on Fridays.

Thanks for all the little letters from the Kerrybrook ward! It was so fun! For language study one day I translated them all to Mongolian :) 

Sister Lichtenberg and I were having a little problem the last couple weeks where when our alarm would go off in the morning, we would just kind of lay there for like, a minute... 2 minutes.... it was bad. So we're like, "something's gotta change." So, we made it into a competition. Last one's who's knees touch the floor in the morning has to do the dishes. Well, either we just really hate doing dishes, or we're both ridiculously competitive, because I don't think either one of us has gotten out of bed so fast in our lives. We FLEW. I'm pretty sure I hit my head on her knee on the way out. Hahahaha it was awesome. I don't even know who won, because we both moved so dang fast. Needless to say, we've been doing really well at getting out of bed on time now :)

Mongolia is great, missionary work is great, my life is great, and I'm so excited that Bekah is a missionary now!! I was thinking about her this morning during my studies. She'll be awesome. I'm so excited for all us Hogan girls to be back together....someday!!! :)

Ok hairtai shuu!
Sister Hansen

Some of our dog friends:

This one is Delilah. She is our dog. We love her more than her owners do :)

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