My Experiences as an English Teacher and Missionary in Mongolia Ulaanbaatar (Jan 2016 – Jul 2017)

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Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Our days go something like this.

I imagine you all think that I am living an incredible adventure here on my mission, but in all honesty our days go a little something like this:
Wake up
That about sums it up!
Sister Guild and I in our Mongolia coats on our Sunday temple walk

Ok, I mean, we do a little bit more than that. Like, shower and teach and build abstract art out of our dirty dishes and silverware. 

Actually, this week was Guild Эгч birthday, and thanks to mom's perfectly timed package, we had a coffee cake to celebrate! I sang her the family birthday song too,and she loved it :) 

We also had to say goodbye to our dear friend's the Thai's. About half our zone did their time and said "so-long" to the MTC at 2:30 Monday morning. It was so sad and exciting at the same time, and weird to think that that will be us in a few short weeks. We will be getting a new delivery of about 10 Thai missionaries, along with a Malay and an Indonesian within the next month. So now it's our job to welcome them and show them the ropes of the MTC, instead of the other way around! Our zone is very different and special because each district is learning such a difficult language. Our zone consists of all the weird Asian languages that people don't really ever think of, like Cambodian, Laotian, Vietnamese, Malay, etc. We really all lean on each other for support and have become very close friends. 

I was so happy to get this letter from my most favorite Hogan's!! Thank you all, and I love you!

This is something from like my first week at the MTC that I forgot to tell you about. When Neil L. Anderson was here speaking at a devotional, he was telling about the " A Savior Is Born" campaign video that was shared worldwide. He told us that the video was viewed by 54.5 million people. The language it was most viewed in was Spanish, at 28 million views. He went on to list the other highest ranking languages the video was viewed at. Would anyone ever guess that the 5th language most viewed was Mongolian!! What. My companion turned to me and said "Our people are prepared!!" Tender mercies. I don't know how that is even possible, where there are only 3 million people total in Mongolia, and probably less than half have access to the internet. The Lord works in mysterious ways.

On the topic of Mongolia, the people have been praying fervently for a new stake in Mongolia. There is currently only one, but they are so close to having another, and this is very important to the church and the people. If there is 2 or 3 more stakes, it may even be a possibility for a temple to be built someday. Can you imagine all the blessings this would bring to that country? God already has a very special place in his heart for Mongolia. 

Have a great week, ya'll.

Ханисэн Эгч

Yes, Sister Bottorff and I have been hosting (meeting new missionaries at the curb) the last couple weeks, and it is so fun! Unfortunately we were not asked to this week, so I won't be welcoming Sister Johnson, but I'll be sure to find her at meals or something.

I met a few missionaries on Sunday that will be serving in Logan! They'll be there next week, so I gave them a list of all my friends to find and say hello to :) Their names are Elders West, Jones, and Murphey. If you happen to run into them sometime tell them I say hi! They'll still be there when I get home actually so I'm sure I'll meet them again someday.

Dad, thanks for the temple experience. That was wonderful. We are going today and I get to do the work for Alice Boyce, who I have done her baptism, confirmation, initiatory, and now endowment! I'll be very excited to meet her someday.

This is Sister Hoeft in my zone. She is from San Francisco serving in Thailand and she is dating Nick Gruniger.

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