My Experiences as an English Teacher and Missionary in Mongolia Ulaanbaatar (Jan 2016 – Jul 2017)

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Saturday, March 5, 2016


*Drum roll please*

Dear Sister Hansen,
You have hereby been reassigned to labor in the Kentucky, Louisville mission.

Just kidding. We got our travel plans to Mongolia yesterday! It was so exciting! We didn't expect them to come until dinner, but we were eating lunch and we saw our Elders all come into the cafeteria holding those bright pink papers and we stood up and cheered from the opposite side of the cafeteria. So much hype. 10 weeks is a long time.

Travel plans!!! (Blurry for security reasons)

For reasons unbeknownst to us, they split our district into 2 travel groups. We are all departing the MTC on March 17. I will be going through Beijing. The other group goes through Korea. Then both groups will arrive in Mongolia within a couple hours of each other. We added it all up, and including layovers and everything we will be travelling for a total of 36 hours. Sounds like a 36 hour nap to me. Not even complaining.

In other news, yesterday was our last lesson with Sister Mologdalli, who is our adorable native teacher. We love her so much (even though we rarely understand what she is saying) She is one of the kindest hearted people I've ever met, and without her sweet words of encouragement and comfort, I probably would have had a lot more mental breakdowns than I did. It was so sad to say goodbye, BUT she told us that she is returning to Mongolia to finish her degree, so we will see her there!! Hearing that was like Christmas- it will be so amazing to see a familiar face in a terrifyingly unfamiliar country.

Sister Mologdalli,

This week we finished up our online English courses, and starting Monday will be at the ELC from 8-3 every day. I am actually super excited. I've really enjoyed the online course, because we have been able to practice putting together lesson plans, and learning a lot of really cool insight about teaching a language. I've also realized the last couple weeks how much God has been in the details of my life. He obviously knew years ago that I was meant to go to Mongolia, and made sure that I had some very specific experiences to prepare me for this calling. I've noticed that many of the experiences I had last summer at camp will be SO beneficial to me in this responsibility. I am very grateful and excited for the future.

Elder Wilding got a bloody nose not 60 seconds before this picture was taken. 

We've super been enjoying the warmth this week, doing our personal studies outside and getting fresh air as much as we can. I hope everyone at home is taking advantage of the beautiful world that we live in! Go on a hike for me!

Ханьсэн Эгч

p.s. I have an envelope jam packed full of all the temple names that we've completed just since being at the MTC. It's pretty cool. I'll send those all home as well.

#MTClife #mongoliaulaanbaatarmission

By the time I leave the MTC I'll have seen the whole ward come and go! Cool to see Elder Brown this week!
(We assume the photo bomber is Elder Brown's companion...)

Another pic from the Lassons: Companions Bottorff and Hansen

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