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Sunday, May 8, 2016

Mother's Day = Skype

It was great to see ya'll on Skype today! You all look beautiful and it was wonderful to talk even if just for a few minutes. Have a wonderful mother's day! 

So as soon as we finished Skyping with you, we got a call from M - our brand spanking new wonderful member. He said he needed to meet with us right away at the Baynzurkh church. We were a little worried. Yesterday he received the gift of the Holy Ghost, and we were so happy for him, but before sacrament meeting started, he and his sister were in the hall crying. We went to see what was wrong, but he didn't want to talk to us. We were pretty nervous because we didn't know what was going on. But he still received his blessing, but then went home after sacrament meeting, without really talking to us, which is so unlike him. It was so strange. So just barely, like less than an hour ago, we went to the Baynzurkh to meet him, 

He told us that he was leaving right now to go to the countryside, and had to say goodbye. That's why he was so upset yesterday, because he found out that he had to leave, and had to go home to pack. It was so heartbreaking- he just wanted to say goodbye to us. He wrote Sister Gardiner and I the sweetest letters and got us little gifts. He is excited to be friends with Sister Gardiner on Facebook next month :) And by the time he comes back to the city in September, my Mongolian will be amazing and I will actually be able to talk to him! He was definitely a little miracle. His baptism was originally going to be in 2 weeks, and if that were still the case, he would have missed it. So it really was a miracle that we were able to meet with him so much and he was baptized and confirmed this week. We love that guy. 

Jen's first baptism in Mongolia

Sister Hansen

Fish sandwich
[From Jen's parents. She told us on the Skype call that transfers were on Wed and she didn't change. She will likely remain with Sister Gardiner until she completes her mission in late June. She also said English teaching has been tough due to the kids being anxious to be done with school and a little crazy. She team teaches English at the school, grades 6 - 12, with Sister Kofoed. She is optimistic that things will be better in the fall, when she can begin the semester with the kids.

She also said that the ward went out in the country for a hike. She was happy about that. These pics are from the ward hike.]

See the single Ger in the distance

This is one of our investigators, B... she's so happy and jumbly all the time :)

Prayer Flags - Like they leave on the top of Mount Everest

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