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Sunday, May 15, 2016

You just had a language miracle!

We are doing a lot of hard work and miracles are happening!

Its Spring in Mongolia!

We got a new stake!!! Woo!! The Selbe ward (Sister Gardiner and I's ward- thank you very much ;)) got split so now we're in charge of both! Wuuuuuuut. We've got big plans for this transfer so get a lot of work done. If we can get one more stake then the possibility for a temple increases a lot. This last weekend was stake conference. We already knew that our ward was splitting, but we didn't know for sure if we were getting a new stake, so that was a wonderful surprise!

Sister Gardiner enjoying spring.

Since transfers, I have a new half-companion while my companion is teaching English, and she's another Mongolian! Yay! I love doing language studies with Mongolians. It helps my understanding and accent so much.

Zone Conf?

Also this week, Sister Gardiner and I have implanted the "PPP". Push-ups, Prayer, and Planning. We're suppose to exercise every morning, but the days we teach English we have to leave early to get to school, so we don't have time. So PPP was born! I'm not gonna let all this Mongolian food get to me... Like that giant bowl of seaweed I had to eat yesterday...

Also this week we had a huge English Symposium Thurs-Sat with foreign language professors from each BYU campus and the Asian Area DIC language coordinator here to do workshops and presentations. There were tons of English teachers, administrators, as well as our Inviting Organizations (our sponsors). So that was cool.

Most of the Americans in the mission at the English Symposium

This week I had a little language miracle while meeting with one of my favorite ladies! We were talking about eternal marriage and baptism and my companion gave me "the look" to bear my testimony (unspoken companionship language- the best) and I remember that I was talking, and words were coming out, but I have no idea what those words were. But things were just happening. Then all of a sudden, I stopped talking and my face was red and my heart was beating, and the member that was with us was crying, but I didn't know what just happened. Then later on our drive home, my companion said "You just had a language miracle, and I felt the spirit so strong while you were bearing your testimony, and it was perfect." Thank you, gift of tongues.

The MTC gang's all back together!! (minus Urness who was too slow to make the picture)

I'm glad to hear things are well in Utah, and I'm so happy you got to see Adam!!! He looks incredibly happy in that incredibly blue suit... ;)

Also, happy graduation to all you high school graduates!!

Sister Hansen

From her hike last week

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