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Monday, August 29, 2016

Transferred to Jargalant

Miracles have happened and I have been transferred from Selbe to Jargalant, with Sister Lichtenberg!!!! I cannot even begin to describe to you how amazing the last 3 days have been. Sister Lichtenberg and I have just hit the ground running with the work, and are already best friends. We've made goals for the next 9 weeks to become seriously kick-butt missionaries, and I've already felt the power of God so much in our companionship. I'm out of the city as well, and that has definitely helped boost my spirits.

Transferred to my new area, Jargalant. 

It's so beautifully humble here. We literally climb mountains every day. Whereas in Selbe, we would get fed full meals at every house, here it's rare to get a small bowl of soup because they just don't have anything to give.

We find so many opportunities to serve people around here, and it's an amazing feeling when you offer to carry somebody's water jug, and they ask if you're "Jesus people".

Helping an old emee patch up her ger. 
We may not wear name tags, but we're always representing Jesus Christ.

It's gonna be an awesome 9 weeks. I can feel it.

I have worn my boots every day because the other ones just don't cut it in Mongolia. They've held up pretty well so far, so we'll see how they do hiking the mountains every day.

With my new companion, Sister Lichtenberg. For p-day we went on a hike and didn't even have to get permission because literally all of these mountains are our area. I love my life. 

Sister Bottorff and Sister Guild are back from the country side and came to my choir practice today!!! Sister Olsen came too! It was so awesome to be reunited!
The choir is awesome. We're doing 2 numbers- Jesus Savior Pilot Me, and a really nice arrangement of I Know Heavenly Father Loves Me. Mission tour is on Sept 13 so we only have 2 practices left! But it's been going well so I think it will sound good and bring the spirit.

My MTC companion, Sister Bottorff and me!
Sister Hansen

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