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Monday, August 15, 2016

We don't really teach- we just tell people the truth

Drunk man quote of the week: 
"Let me put on my pants, then we'll talk."

Jen & her companion, Sister Jensen

This week we had a zone training and we were split into groups and I got to skype with Sister Bottorff! It was super fun. She and Sister Guild will be coming back to the city in the next week or so for transfers, and I'm so excited! I love my groupies. 

So probably my favorite thing that happened this week was my little missionary choir practice on Monday! We made 20 cookies, hoping that maybe 10 people would come- then they could each have 2 cookies! Well, to my complete surprise, over 30 missionaries came to sing!! It was so amazing. I have never directed a choir before, only played the piano, so it was definitely a different experience to be the one in charge, but I'm really happy with how it went, and I think that the spirit will be very strong when they sing at the mission training! 

Another music thing that happened this week, was to help wrap up all the BYU English lessons, I got to help record all the English songs for the lessons, so that was pretty fun too!

So we're coming to a close of this transfer, and I have an inkling that I might be staying in Selbe and Bayangol for the next 9 weeks. I don't know why. I just wouldn't be surprised if I don't move anywhere. In which case, that would be a total of 8 months in Selbe! Woo! Haha hopefully I don't go mad in the city. There's A LOT of work that needs to be done here, and if I do stay, I'll have to work even harder. They need help. So if the Lord needs me for that, bring it. 

Yeah, a mission is hard. But in a way it's also so easy. But you can't be in it for you. You gotta take your life in your hand, then give it to the Lord. Then it's easy. Teaching isn't hard. We don't even really teach- we just tell people the truth. The spirit does the teaching. If it were the other way around, nothing would get done. 1) Because Mongolian. 2) Because 18 year old boys. 3) Because Jen. Those three things.... it blows my mind at the work we're doing, with those 3 things as the circumstances. Truly a miracle. 

Move forward with faith, be happy, and utilize the atonement. Dig your roots. Prune your branches. See the fruits. 

Sister Hansen

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