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Tuesday, June 20, 2017

I feel so many good feelings inside of me

Transfers: FINAL ROUND
I am staying in Sansar with Sister Wilcox! She is so great. We have already worked so hard together and I know that it will be an awesome 6 weeks. She brings new ideas to the table that may be just what Sansar needs. I just feel so many good feelings inside of me and really want to use these last 6 weeks to the absolute best of my ability. I really just can't describe it, but I can't believe that this is it. I can't imagine having to tear myself away from this work.

New (and final) companion, Sister Wilcox

I guess other transfer updates: Sister Guild moved to Sukhbaatar with Sister Shreeve AND the newly arrived Sister Smoot! They'll be rolling 3 deep for her last transfer! They'll have so much fun.
Sister Bottorff and Austin are now STL companions in Tuul, Elder Ames became the new zone leader in Enkhtaivan with Elder Cowles, and Elder Salveson is the other new zone leader with Elder Wilding. Elder Bird is our new AP in Selbe with Elder Espinoza.

One way to experience church...
Sister Wilcox and I got to hang out with Sister Olsen her last 2 days in Mongolia, then bring her to the BZ at 5:30 am to see her and Elder Lamb off. Elder Lamb had a baptism scheduled for Saturday, I guess he didn't tell them that he was leaving Friday morning. But when they found out, they changed everything last minute to Thursday night so Elder Lamb could be there and baptize his convert, on his LAST day in Mongolia! That was so awesome. They both were such great missionaries.

Sister Wilcox, Sister Olsen, Sister Hansen

Last...Thursday, maybe? I got a call from Elder Rodriguez who relayed to me this message. He was walking down the road with his companion, then a guy pulled over to them and said "Hey, are you Mormons?"
"Like 20 years ago, I was studying in Salt Lake, and I really love and respect the Mormon people. My daughter is about to go to Southern Utah University this fall, and she will have 2 Mormon roommates, and I want her to learn about the church and become a member in America. But I really want her to learn as much about Mormons and the church before she goes."

Well, Elder Rodriguez knew I was from Utah, so he told him a little about me and said we would go and meet with her. Well, we did, and she is amazing. She was so receptive and said things like "This all sounds so familiar to me" and "I'm so relieved that you came" and "I want to be active in church activities before I go to America". The whole thing was just beautiful. Unfortunately, she lives just outside of our area, but she will continue to meet with Sister Bottorff and Austin, but I got her FB info, and promised to connect with her in Utah, and I will definitely make the trip to her baptism!!! That is what you call "one who has been prepared".

Another miracle was when we were moving Sister Guild out, and an old lady stopped us and said "Are you church people? I want to go to church." She lives 4 floors down from us. How convenient! She wants us to come and pick her and her daughter up for church and go together.

THEN we got another referral from the Nalaikh elders of a man who they also thought lived in our area, but he's in BZ. But we met him and he has been reading from the bible on his phone and wants to know more and asked if his whole family can come to church with him and listen to the missionaries.

Ward Mission Leader's mother

See? Things will happen. I figure if we keep passing investigators to other areas, it's gotta come back around and someone will send us some pretty soon, right? Probably.

I'll tell you what, at this time in my mission, I feel a lot of urgency, but no stress. I am completely confident that everything and everyone is exactly where the Lord needs them right now, but there also is a big push for missionaries to put their absolute best foot forward. Maybe that's just me get antsy.
Have a great week,
Sister Hansen

Pouring rain that flooded the streets

Sister Pujee Nyamaa

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