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Monday, June 5, 2017

I was the victim of a drive-by!

Good morning! Now that we've entered the warm summer months, our schedule has changed to waking up at 7:00 and can be home at 9:30 now. I know that I'm still getting the same amount of sleep, but waking up at 7 makes me feel like I'm sleeping in :) 

Here are some highlights from this last week: MLC! It's been a month since our Book of Mormon focus, and it seems to be that the whole mission is still on a Book of Mormon high. We're all just pretty in love with it right now, and it has been apparent in meetings with members, investigators, less-actives alike. 

President and Sister Harper gave a great training on opposition, and Sister Harper said something that I really liked that trials and challenges "unlike Jesus Christ, it won't kill you. But like Jesus Christ, you will save others."

The work in the Sansar area has been very slow and difficult this transfer, and Sister Guild and I have struggled finding new investigators and people to teach. Because our work was slow, we found our studies getting more lax, and we were kind of becoming a little mushy. But one thing was always consistent... we were getting our butts kicked by Shaun T every morning during our work outs. So we re-evaluated, and figured that if the majority of our efforts were during our daily exercise, then something needed to change. So we have now implanted what we call "Shaun T Studies". We're channeling the same focus that we use for our squats to sharpen our spiritual saws (that's a President Benson analogy). We're trying to utilize our very short amount of time to find people to help. So far, nothing has happened, but we sure feel better about the work we've done. And how can we expect Heavenly Father to place people in our paths if we are not personally prepared? So now, whenever someone is ready, so are we :) 

Here is a Yak picture

Just some random funny things from this week as well. I've been telling my companion all transfer about my secret dream of getting stuck in an elevator. Then what do you know, last night we got a call from our district leader, Elder Ames, to tell us that he was stuck in an elevator!!! No fair!! His companion, Elder Hansen got off, then before Ames could make it out the elevator dropped half a story so he was looking at the wall. He said he probably could have tried to climb out, but at the risk of the elevator dropping again and chopping him in half. So he just hung tight for about 20 minutes until some people came to fix it and get him out. He just called to say "Just in case I fall 8 flights and die tonight, I just want to say thanks and I love you both!" Haha he didn't die.

I also was the victim of a drive-by yesterday..... with squirt guns. Hahaha some teenage boys drove by and I got nailed. My companion was laughing her head off. It super took me by surprise, but it was really hot out, so it actually felt pretty good. 

Have a great week everyone, 

Sister Hansen

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