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Tuesday, July 11, 2017

I honestly don't know where even to start describing this week

Well, I honestly don't know where even to start describing this week. Right now I'm pooped. Sister Wilcox and I just got back to UB a couple hours ago from our weekend in Choibalsan.


It was awesome. I wish I could just tell you all about it and all the things we experienced there, but it would take way too long to write, so I'll just tell you in a couple weeks. But it was hard and humbling and that we even got to go was a huge miracle which is also a story I'll tell you about later. Also my companion is the queen of taking pictures so we have tons and tons.

Sister Wilcox and I also went to an incredible song and dance concert that almost made me cry (almost). It was so amazing and it was like my whole mission was crashing down on me. I love Mongolia and this gospel so much. Sorry I just can't even adequately describe the things I'm feeling and thinking right now. Go ahead and just enjoy the pictures this week and I'll see you soon.


Chinggis Khann
Tree of Life?

Practicing for the Naadam Festival, July 11-13

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