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Wednesday, January 6, 2016

MTC Drop off

[Posted by Jennifer's father]

Since the farewell, Jen has been way ready to go. The last 10 days were a chore to get her to finish her shopping or pack her bags. She just wanted to go.

The actual drop off was less traumatic than expected. The family shed a few tears, but not Jen. She was smiling and ready to escape her helicopter parents.

It was raining at the Provo temple, so it forced us to hurry and take a few pics, and get back in the car. No time for long farewells.

Before the temple, we stopped to eat at Zupa's. We had no idea it was the official missionary luncheon spot. There were like 8 families eating last meals with their missionary. We asked a few where they were going, and SURPRISE, one sister was going to Mongolia. She will be in Jen's group. Her name is Sister Bottorff from Colorado. Tender mercy. Even Jen was excited about that.

Finally, all the prep is over and she is a missionary. She will do great.

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