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Sunday, June 5, 2016

Another cold baptism

Would you kill me if I just didn't write a big email today? I've been trying to catch up on some emails from friends and other people and dad's questions and stuff, and plus we had a pretty discouraging week. So we can just chat for a bit if you want, then I'll write something nice next week. Ok? Ok.

Mongolia was celebrating some kind of Earth Day or something and ALL the roads were closed so there were no cars or buses or anything and people were all out walking and riding bikes and roller blades and it was so beautiful and happy!! I wish every day were like this!

Our investigators are running a little dry. School is over, but I've been asked to work on an English team to help improve the lessons, which I'll be working on through the summer. Which means I'll most likely be staying in the city next transfer.

Sister Bottorff's got transferred to Khavd this week. It took everyone by surprise. She was told to go pack her bags because she's going to Khavd for the summer. I was shocked. If you look at a map, Khavd is the farthest possible west you can go in Mongolia (about a 3 hour flight from UB), and it is also the farthest mission area from any mission home. There is only one sister companionship there- that's it. So, now she's with a Mongolian- I think. I'll be honest, when she told me, my heart dropped a little bit. I was pretty jealous. Yeah, I secretly wanted to be the one sister that got to go.  Good thing we were just working on English that evening and I didn't have to teach a gospel lesson because I had a pretty bad attitude the rest of the night. I'm fine now. Yeah, I still would have loved to been able to go to the farthest, most remote town in Mongolia, and like, the world, but I know that Sister Bottorff will be amazing and she's obviously suppose to be there for a reason. I'll also miss her! We don't really get to see each other ever, but occasionally at conferences and meetings and stuff, but she'll be out in the booneys until school starts again in the Fall! Good luck Sister Bottorff- don't get sick cause the hospitals there are real freaky.

"C" and "E" got baptized! These two have been investigating the church for over a year. They would be going strong, then fall away, then come back, then go away again. On and off forever. "C" is 14 and has diabetes and a tiny, sick little broken body and she's in and out of the hospital a lot. About a month ago, they were in the hospital again, and "C" was really sick. After she was able to come home, the first thing "E" did was call us and said "I want to be baptized. When can I finish my lessons?" We don't know what happened that week, but ever since then they have been trying so hard to be at church every week and really prepare themselves to be baptized. So It was a beautiful thing to finally see them make it!

Still no hot water so Sister Gardiner and I spent 3 HOURS boiling water to pour into the font for "E" and "C's" baptism. Still made no difference... they froze. We tried our best.

[Parents asked about her English classes:]
Regarding my English classes, they are the richer kids in Mongolia. I teach at a private school so they have to have money to attend there. I probably made the most connections with this class.Sister Koefoed and I always teach together.

This next transfer we only have 4 new elders coming! No new sisters, so I guess I don't' have to worry about being a trainer right off the bat :)

WOW look at all this green!! 

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