My Experiences as an English Teacher and Missionary in Mongolia Ulaanbaatar (Jan 2016 – Jul 2017)

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Sunday, June 12, 2016

We have a Llama

Biggest news of this week.... WE HAVE HOT WATER!!! Woot woot!!!! No more early morning alarms to boil water for our doggy baths!

And our clothes are just that dirty because Mongolia is not a clean place to live haha

Also, you know you have a problem when your companion says "I just turned on the music so you'd stop singing." Fine. Be a hater.

We also have a llama. He is ours and we call him llama. Ok, so he's not the kind of llama you're thinking of. He's a Buddhist Lama! We've ran into him a couple times and he's very kind and has a great zen. We always walk away from him feeling very at peace with the world :)

We had a wonderful lesson with our new member - she is glowing with the light of the gospel and the gift of the Holy Ghost. The entire lesson I was distracted because the whole time I was just imagining her at the temple in a year. She is already planning and preparing for that day. It is such a cool thing to see people really change and become happier from the gospel. There are so many faithful women in the ward who's husbands are too stubborn to accept the gospel. They come to church every week by themselves, but work and pray so hard, and share their testimonies and examples with their husbands so that someday they may reach the highest place in the Celestial kingdom- and they are NOT giving up. Those women will be so blessed.

Me with this adorable little kitten
This is Sister Gardiner's last full week in Mongolia, and we've done some hard core planning to make it count. It's gonna be a good one!

[Jennifer answering parents questions:]
Regarding next transfer, I would love to be with a Mongolian. I know that would be very challenging because of the level of where my language is right now, but I really think that I would improve A LOT if I were with a Mongolian. I'm really torn about where I want to go- not that it matters, it's not up to me anyway. But there are so many good things happening in Selbe right now, and I really feel like I could be a great asset if I stayed another transfer. But the other part of me is dying because I am going a little stir crazy in the city. I know that if I went to any other area then I would be in a lot more cultural and poverty Mongolia- Selbe is really the most developed part of the country. But I will be happy with whatever happens.

One of our favorite investigators, "M",  has moved back to the countryside- she comes to the city during the school year, but her home is far away, so we passed her to the missionaries out there, and hopefully they're taking care of her.

I have been working on developing and improving the lessons that are taught. Sister Gardiner and I got to observe one of the lessons we made being taught and got some good constructive feedback, so we're really trying to help the English program move forward here.

Mongolia needs more couple missionaries. When Sister Gardiner came there were 7 couples, now we have 2. We need them so much! If you know ANYBODY that is able to serve a couples mission, please encourage them to do so. And if you put on your application that you would like to go to Mongolia, they're pretty much guaranteed to come here. So, spread the word.

Love, Sister Hansen

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