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Sunday, June 26, 2016

My new companion is Sister Jensen

So, the long awaited news. I am staying in Selbe AND Baingol! Still rockin' the double church duty! My new companion is Sister Jensen. We were kind of shocked! She is in the group just before me, but the crazy thing is, Sister Gardiner was also her trainer! So in missionary language, we're actually "sisters" because Sister Gardiner is both of our "mom".

New companion, Sister Jensen (Pday at the Internet Cafe)
I am excited to be staying with my people and hopefully help strengthen both of these new wards, because since they split they have been having a little hard time keeping their head above water! So we have A LOT of work to do. But Sister Jensen loves people a lot so we'll be ok. I have a newfound sense of responsibility because I already know these people and love them and don't want to lose any of them. Sister Gardiner was such an amazing missionary, and had these two wards totally under control, and the last few days we've just been trying to keep up with everything! But she taught me well, now I'm just going to work even harder to improve my language skills in order to take care of these wards.

It rained a lot and everywhere flooded.
As far as my other groupies, Sister Guild went to Darhan!!! Wow!  She'll be with Sister Westover for the summer, and she will LOVE IT! Sister Olsen is now with Sister Bollwinkle in Sungine doing a whitewash, and Elder Cowles and Heakock stayed with their companions in their areas. I'm not sure where Urness is.

A day at the beach!
So pretty much this week was just hectic. So hectic. The last few days with Sister Gardiner were spent trying to say goodbye to all of her people, get her all packed and ready to go, and puking my brains out from ridiculous inhumane amounts of food that people fed us. Tuesday we literally went to 5 consecutive houses where they each prepared full Mongolian meals for us. I've never wanted to die so much in my life.

Enkjargal painted our names in the old Mongolian script! So cool!!
Then once Sister Gardiner left and we were waiting for the transfer call to come out I was tossed around like a hot potato from companionship to companionship, including hosting a new Mongolian missionary at my apartment before she was actually set apart. Then we spent all day Friday moving and getting settled in our new apartment and trying to get our heads on straight.

Goodbye Pres Benson!
But now we're started to get our feet back under us, and this week will be so much better once we get back into a good routine. We've got an extended 9 week transfer and plenty of work to do in that time. Send all the prayers!

Sister Hansen

Ohh also I'm so glad to hear about Sister Gardiner's homecoming! That was so cool to see a picture with all of you! WOW you're all just in a parallel universe. So weird.

Goodbye Sister Gardiner


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