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Sunday, June 19, 2016

Overwhelmed at how wonderful my life is.

So remember weeks and weeks ago when I told you about couch guy? Well we've been battling with that dumb guy for the last two transfers trying to get him to listen to our lessons. Well, I am happy to announce that this week WE GOT COUCH GUY!!!!! Sister Gardiner and I were SO HAPPY. We seriously chanted the rest of the night "We got couch guy! We got couch guy!" It was great. Also, it was the first time that we ever met the standard of excellence for MP lessons, and we didn't just reach it- we OVERreached it. It was amazing. What a way to go out for Sister Gardiner. It's just dumb that we finally got the guy we've been praying for, and now Sister Gardiner is going home. I hope that whoever is in Selbe next, whether me or any other missionary will appreciate all the work that we put into that guy and not lose him!!

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I will miss Sister Gardiner when she goes home next week!

In other news, our brand new member Myagmar got called as the gospel principles class teacher! WOW! She's been a member for less than a month and now she'll be teaching the other investigators! We're so happy for her, because she loves the church so much and her spirit is strong.

This week we also met with our other new members Enkjargal and Chinhuslen, and we were talking about the Plan of Salvation. We decided to switch roles and have them be the missionaries and teach us the lesson. It was so beautiful! I felt the spirit so strong as little Chinhuslen talked about the 5 steps of the gospel and how we can reach the Celestial kingdom.

We may or may not have stole the giant area map and taped it to our wall...

The last few days I have just been overwhelmed with gratitude at how wonderful my life is. Through meeting with one investigator, Munkbat, who has experienced every religion in the book, and even now still practices many of them, I am so grateful for the simplicity and elegance of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Everything about this church is just RIGHT. There are no secrets. No loose ends. No un-surety. It is so empowering to know that I know that truth, and how sure and solid my life is because of it.

A random little girl we met at the playground that decided we were best friends

Jesus Christ is the Savior and Redeemer of the world. Because of His infinite atonement, we can repent and improve every day. We never have to settle for what we've been or what we've done, because we have found the Pearl of Great Price.

Have a wonderful week!

Sister Hansen

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