My Experiences as an English Teacher and Missionary in Mongolia Ulaanbaatar (Jan 2016 – Jul 2017)

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Monday, July 11, 2016


Opening Ceremonies - NADAAM
Nadaam is the huge summer festival of Mongolia, and cultural overload, and it was so amazing. We were allowed to go to the opening ceremonies, and it was so incredible!! We had so much fun, and saw so many cool things! I think my mission is making me more travel hungry than ever before.... there's just too many wonderful things in the world that I need to see and experience! I've been so blessed to have experienced so many things, but I think that my mission has definitely been my greatest adventure yet :)

Genghis Khan is back!

Jensen, Hansen, Harmon, & Harker enjoying Opening Ceremonies on P-day

So, even though Nadaam was amazing, it makes it really difficult to meet with people, so our lessons have been next to nothing this week. It's been pretty frustrating to not be meeting with people and doing lots of good work, but there still have been little miracles, and next week will be a lot better.
The Eagle Huntress
Am I starting to look Mongolian?
Hahaha little fun story, some people know that the 4th of July is my favorite holiday, and I was not homesick, but a little bummed that there were no fireworks that day. But last night when we were praying before getting into bed, we heard fireworks going on outside! We opened the curtains and because our new apartment has an amazing view of the city, we were able to see the fireworks all the way from Sukhbaatar square!!! It was so cool. It was like Heavenly Father saying, "Hey, I know you're working your butt off, and I'm sorry I can't give you people to teach right now, but here's some fireworks to make you feel a little better. Happy 4th of July." Then Sister Jensen and I sang the Star Spangled Banner and went to bed, and I felt a little better :)
Let the games begin!

Don't let President and Sister Harper know we are here. OOPs that's them right behind us.

Have a great week ya'll. Love you lots. Come to Nadaam.
Sister Hansen

[Dad Question: What is the 42 book]
The 42 principle book is our lesson plan notebook. In PMG there are a total of 42 principles through chapter 3, and Pres. Benson challenged us to write a lesson plan for each one of those principles by the time he completed his mission. I had it completed in English, Mongolian, checked and edited by a Mongolian, and re-written in Mongolian by the time he left. So I can now successfully teach any principle out of PMG ch.3 :) Yay!
Mongolian parking lot.

Regarding Mongolian clothing... it wasn't required for Nadaam, although it would have been pretty fun if I would have bought something. There was a pretty top that I liked (sent a picture) but I wouldn't wear it until Tsagaan sar in Feb, so I don't want to carry it around for 6 months. I'll probably buy something around Christmastime. 

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