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Sunday, July 24, 2016

Mission Music Coordinator

SURPRISE! We moved! Sister Jensen and I are now living in the super luxurious senior couples apartment with the East Zone STLs (Bennett and Hartley) and it's been pretty fun but also a crazy couple of days!

Found these lovely ladies in the mall.

So much has happened this week. I guess the first thing I can think of is Friday we taught a WHITE GUY. IN ENGLISH. And it was way too weird. Also, turns out I'm better at teaching the gospel in Mongolian than in my native language. Who knew? It was so hard. I kept getting confused about what principle we were teaching, I talked way too much, and accidentally kept using Mongolian words. The lesson was kind of a disaster. And THAT is why God chooses our missions and not us. Because if it were the other way around I'd probably be ruining peoples lives in Kentucky right about now.

Our newest living quarters

Another cool thing this week is that Sister Harper asked me to be the "mission music coordinator"! I don't know if that's actually a thing or if she just made it up, but now I will be putting together all the musical numbers for zone training's and conferences and stuff. I'm super excited!

You've asked about couch guy a couple times, and he was gone for so long so we never met with him, but we did have a super awesome lesson with him this week! We're going to invite him to be baptized on Tuesday! He's great, and I really want to see him get the priesthood. There are just some people that you get more invested in than others, and I'm super invested in this guy.

Let's play a game! It's called, try to guess which desk is mine. *Hint: Mine is the right*

Since my STL split with Sister Wilkins, one thing we talked about was keeping a miracles/tender mercies journal. So I started doing that. Every day I'll just write a little tender mercy or miracle that happened that day. Turns out, when you start thinking about it, there are way too many to write. But I love this book because now I have a record of straight miracles from heaven. It's so cool. Our tender mercy yesterday was that we had 57 PEOPLE in Selbe!! WOW! That's the most we've had since the split. It's still been hard finding people to teach, but it's getting better, and we're building it back up. It will all be ok! Because it's all in God's hands! So as long as we're being obedient and working hard then the work will get done. The church is true. God is our loving Heavenly Father. I'd better stop there because apparently when I try to testify in English it just goes downhill :) Love you all!

Sister Hansen

We wanted to do some service and make cookies for our next door neighbors. The culture is that if you give somebody a plate or container with something on it, after you finish you return it with something else on it. So when they brought our plate back, I got really excited for a micro-second because I thought this was mac-n-cheese. Nope. Just arol (milk curds) Bon apetite.

P.S Also, we were working on some English lessons this week, and one of the lessons was about the Olympics, then it all of a sudden hit me that the Olympics are this summer!!!! I totally forgot! Are you watching them? They're in Rio this year right? I love the Olympics! Also, did you go up to the farm for Pioneer day again to play in the foam and watch fireworks? I love that. Hope you had a good day.

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