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Sunday, July 17, 2016

Moving Bricks

Hi mom and dad!

Hansen, Wilkins, cute ward missionary
We don't have anybody to meet with because they all left to the countryside for Nadaam.

You know how I have that weird thing that I start to go a little stir crazy when I stay in one place for too long? Yeah, I got a little of that this week. I have really loved being in Selbe, but the city has kind of been getting to me this week.

I went on an AMAZING STL split with Sister Wilkins to Unur, which is like the super ghetto of UB, and I loved it so much. It was so incredibly refreshing to get out of the city. We did a lot of service. There was one man that Sister Wilkins knew that has been trying to build a big brick wall around his property- he's not interested in the church, but Sister Wilkins still wanted to serve him. He didn't want her to help because then he felt like he would need to pay her or feed her, and he didn't have enough money or food to give. So, the day I was with her, we put on our basketball shorts under our skirts, went to his ger, and said "put us to work, and don't give us a thing." He was so grateful. So we spent about an hour throwing bricks into a giant pile so he could build this wall. I'm sure Sister Wilkins will return to help him again, but I'm so glad I got to go that day.

My Mongolian is still improving little by little every day. I'm so blessed to have never had to deal with being extremely frustrated or discouraged with my mission or my language- of course there have been hard days, and yeah it's frustrating when I don't understand what is being said, but over all, I feel like I've kept a pretty level head through it all. Prayer plays a big part in that. And studying. A lot. But, I'm getting more comfortable when people ask me questions, and I don't always need to turn to my companion for a translation any more. I don't know completely why yet, but the Lord has seen me fit to be VERY receiving of the gift of tongues, and I am so humbled because of it.

Anywho, that's a tiny snip-bit of what's been going on lately. Grandma sent an email about the amazing experience in Oklahoma, and that is so wonderful.

Mash ih hairtai shuu,
Sister Hansen

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