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Monday, October 17, 2016

I'm happier than I've ever been


 What an awesome week. So good to be healthy again! I got to go on a great exchange with Sister Bennett in Han-uul, and it will be the last time before she completes her mission in like, a week! Also, Dad, be sure to check out her blog this week, I told her that you've read her emails since I got my mission call, and she promised to give you a shout out hahaha.

Sister Bennett who goes home in a week.

We had a really interesting zone training on setting goals, and were trying to reset the standards of excellence for our mission, and it actually turned out to be a pretty heated debate! I was very surprised at how many strong opinions were being tossed around in that room. It got pretty intense, and we didn't even come to a conclusion for our goals haha. But it doesn't change that fact that each missionary here is going to continue to work their hardest to achieve the best work that we can during our short time here in Mongolia.

The intensity continued with a super crazy lesson with our investigator Z, who has been struggling with a couple commandments that are keeping her from baptism. The spirit as well as the gift of tongues was very strong in that room as we declared our authority from God and made her some very specific promises that we couldn't have made otherwise. It was a very powerful and neat experience.

The reason my email is late today is because we went on the the most epic hike with our awesome ward missionary and best friend Nomin. She is a judo champion! Like, a legit Mongolian fighter! So cool! She was inactive for quite a while, but has recently become active again, and LOVES going out with us to teach lessons. She got a call to be a ward missionary, but hasn't been set apart yet because she doesn't own a skirt haha so once she gets a skirt she can actually be a ward missionary :) She took us on an AMAZING hike and it was the best thing ever. Also, the amount of layers we are wearing is pretty ridiculous. Camel wool socks, ya'll. That's where it's at.

I am so grateful for this gospel. I'm happier than I've ever been. My mission is wonderful, and I'm glad that you are able to be a part of my mission through doing temple work for Mongolians! Have a great week!

Sister Hansen

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