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Sunday, October 30, 2016

I'm training!

*drum roll please*
The new group from the MTC consisted of 3 sisters and 4 elders, but only one sister and 2 elders got their visas. We're hoping to get the rest of them by next transfer. But the one new sister is Sister Mason, from Memphis, Tennessee, and she's my companion!!! I"M TRAINING!!!! That was quite the shocking transfer call!!! But I'm so excited to stay in Jargalant too, because I really love this area so much. It's also so fun to see the area and just the mission through new eyes. Yesterday Sister Mason got to go in her first ger, and it was just so cool to see how excited she was, and got me all excited to be in Mongolia again, because we really are so incredibly blessed to be here!

New Companion - Sister Mason (MTC photo from her blog)
So really cool experience that happened this week.... We were going to check the house of a lost investigator, and there was a lady with a baby and another little kid who were struggling to carry this big frame thing, so we ran over to help, and we can't hold babies, but Nomin was with us so she grabbed the baby, we carried the frame thing and helped the other kid, and went with her to her ger. When we got inside, she said, "Can you watch these two while I go get the twin?" (The little baby had a twin brother!!!! They were the most adorable things I've ever seen) Because Nomin was with us, it was ok, so we sat in this random lady's ger with her 2 kids while she went to get another one. When she came back, we started casually talking, and she asked if we were church people, and (we're now inside her house so it's fine) we said yes, we go to the big church at 17 bus stop! (Everybody knows the church because it's huge and the most beautiful building in Mongolia.) We asked if she would like to learn about it, and scheduled a follow up appointment!!! That's like, the closest I've ever gotten to street contacting! It was so exciting!! She has a husband and 5 KIDS! And she was just so nice. So I'm really excited to teach her this week and hopefully we can bring her whole family into the gospel. That would be beautiful.

Preparing to accompany a duet (He is playing the traditional Mongolian murin huur, a cello type instrument.)
Anyway, I hope you all have a wonderful week, and know that I am happy and love my mission more every day! Even though it is getting dang cold and now we don't really leave without masks because the air is already so gross.... But it's great! Love you all!

Sister Hansen

Pic from a few weeks ago - Birthday dinner with Bottorff and Guild

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