My Experiences as an English Teacher and Missionary in Mongolia Ulaanbaatar (Jan 2016 – Jul 2017)

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Monday, November 7, 2016

Everything is just, so good.

Everything is just, so good.

Me an Sister Mason (my greenie)

I was pretty nervous about training at the beginning, but it's been so fun. My biggest worry was the language, because up until this point I've always had a companion older than me in the mission, so I could always depend on them to understand. I was afraid I wouldn't understand a lot, but living obediently and worthily of the gift of tongues has blessed me immensely. I have not stressed or worried about the language at all, and everything is just going very well.

Sister Mason

It was a really cool experience to go to Zaison hill with my new companion, because I haven't been there since I first came to Mongolia nearly 8 months ago. When I stood at that memorial the first time, I was a totally different person than I am now- a totally different missionary. It was really awesome to see how far I've come, how the Lord has led my life, and to rededicate myself to the last half of my mission. We can never be stagnant, and must always be learning and moving forward. What do the next 8 months have in store?

Pres Harper, me, Sister Harper

So English stuff has just gotten a little crazy, and I teach on Mondays and Wednesdays, and my companion teaches all day on Tuesdays and one Thursday each month. So Sister Kofoed is pretty much my half-companion, and it's great!! I call it- Kofoedtei Tuesdays! (tei=with)

Sister Kofoed

Home made Pizza

I also just want to talk a little bit about my friend Nomin. This girl has just been my saving grace and best friend since serving in Jargalant. She has helped me so much, and will soon be embarking on her own mission! She will definitely be somebody that I will be friends with for the rest of my life, and will miss her so much. I hope you all have the opportunity to meet her someday, as well as many other wonderful people I have met and learned to love while being here in Mongolia.

Time to break out the pollution masks!

Have a great week! Be righteous!
Sister Hansen

Decorating with Snowflakes!

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