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Sunday, November 13, 2016

The person on top of this mountain needs to feel God's love

Mongolia mission- every day an adventure, just to keep you on your toes. After this week, I think there is just too much happy in my life for my heart to hold. The happy is just too big. Too much happy.

Sister Mason & I

 First, one of our great investigators "O" finally said she wants to be baptized! She's been progressing and learning really well, but has been a little on the fence about baptism, then when we had an awesome lesson about prayer and obedience, she said she really wants to have the gift of the Holy Ghost and is excited to be baptized!!!! Yes! Such a wonderful feeling. Now, just to get her brother, "G" :) He is also awesome, doing well, so we're all praying and pulling for him! Their date is December 23, which means they will get the gift of the Holy Ghost on Christmas!! What a great day!

How I keep my face warm.

I also had a cool experience where we were in a little store getting a snack, and the lady at the cash register noticed we were speaking Mongolian, and asked if I could help her translate something. It was like, a legal document about some Al-Anon Family Group thing in Texas, about like their democratic policies and stuff, and I hardly understood the thing in English.... but I tried my best and I think she got kind of the gist of what it was saying! It wasn't perfect, but a fun service opportunity and great language practice haha.

First time tasting Skittles

Another beautiful experience that happened yesterday was when we were going to visit a lady "Oy" who's ger is way up on a mountain. It was snowing pretty hard and I was having a hard time breathing through my face mask. I had  fleeting thought of "Why are you climbing this mountain in a blizzard?" and in less than I second my mind responded with "Of course I'm going to climb this mountain in a blizzard because the person that lives on top of this mountain needs to feel God's love gej baihgui uu." "Oy" cannot walk and has a mentally disabled daughter. They never leave their ger. As we were visiting with them she was talking about how she use to be a great athlete and played volleyball and was a swimmer, and now she has 2 useless legs and can't get her own water. As I listened to her speak, I once again felt an overwhelming gratitude for the Great Plan of Happiness. I felt a lot of love pour out as I testified to her of the gift of resurrection, and how she and her daughter will both have perfect bodies and minds, and faith in Jesus Christ brings hope in the future.

The lady that owns our apartment came over and said, "I'm going to make your windows warm" 
Good, because we could feel the cold air coming through them! Hahaha then we watched as she stuck newspaper in the seams and then taped it up :) Well, it's helped! :)

As my mission and language progresses, and I have less "THAT was the gift of tongues" moments, I have started to recognize them more as "gift of love" moments. Being able to feel Heavenly Father's love for someone else is a beautiful thing. Then she asked if we could bring a hymn book next time we visited so we could sing together. I don't know why I didn't think of that before!!!! :)

I love my mission! I love being a missionary. I love being a missionary in Mongolia. Do you understand? Good. Love you!

Sister Hansen

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