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Sunday, November 20, 2016

I am grateful for traffic laws

You know those days where everything just flows perfectly and all goes exactly as planned?
Yeah, me neither. Like the time I went on a split with Sister Nelson and she got ran over by a bus.

On splits with Sister Nelson (just before she got ran over by a bus)

We had just come from teaching a great lesson with my investigator "B", and were going out to meet the bus to head back to the BZ for adult session of stake conference with Nomin. Sister Nelson and I both slipped on the ice at the same time, but I regained my footing, and Sister Nelson went all the way down and the back tires of the bus ran over both of her legs. She was screaming, I immediately called President Harper, and Nomin dragged her out of the road before she got plowed over by another car, then she called an ambulance. It was a miracle that Nomin was with us, because in the adrenaline of the moment, I could not understand any Mongolian that was being spoken to me, and she saved the day, and Sister Nelson's life. There was a lot of traffic, and we were still in Jargalant, which is a pretty far drive from the BZ, so I knew it would take President and Doctor Sutphin a long time to get there, and it was really cold. I wrapped my scarf around Sister Nelson's legs and Nomin even gave up her coat so she wouldn't have to sit on the ice.

I was never grateful for traffic laws and medical care in America, but please do not take our blessings for granted. We sat out in the freezing cold for over a half hour, not knowing if both of Sister Nelson's legs were broken or not, waiting for the ambulance to come, because in Mongolia, it doesn't matter if the sirens are running or not- nobody moves, and you are stuck in traffic just like everyone else. Once they finally arrived, it took nearly another hour to get to the hospital- sirens running the whole ride there, don't ask me why, it didn't make any difference.

In the Ambulance with Sister Nelson

The hospital was so cold! All the patients and people there were still wearing their snow coats and hats inside. It was a mess. Nomin was running around like a mad woman talking to police men, doctors, and I was trying my best to translate for President, Sister Harper and Doctor Sutphin who met us at the hospital shortly after.

Now let me talk about the miracles. We received the x-rays, and neither of Sister Nelson's legs were broken. They had been severely crushed and bruised, and her right shin bone has been bent and dented a little bit, but that was the extent of the damage. The girl got run over by a freaking bus and didn't break a bone. How? Because Heavenly Father watches out for and protects His missionaries, that's how. We can be so grateful that it was only her legs and not her head, and after a few days of rest she can return to her missionary service.

I am grateful for traffic laws and obedient citizens that clear way for ambulances. I am grateful for warm hospitals. I am grateful for a loving mission President and wife who care for us as their own children. I am grateful to be serving a mission so I could learn to be grateful for all these things.

Sister Mason crossing an icy road
Teaching English in the BZ in amazing. Everybody that is there is there because they want to learn English. I have already made connections with several students, and have even met a boy in 11th grade who wants to go to USU! So cool!!


Sister Hansen

Right after I melted my coat on a hot stove. Sister White has fixed it since then, so we're good.

When its too cold for my favorite boots, I wear these Reindeer Boots. It was -30 degrees F this week.

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