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Monday, December 12, 2016

1 pair of camel leggings is warmer than 3 pairs of normal ones

TRANSFERS! Sister Mason and I will be staying in Jargalant! I am happy. I love Jargalant, and I am so excited to see B get baptized next week.
O and G had a slip up with the Word of Wisdom recently, so we're going to wait a little longer to get them baptized, and make sure their faith and desire is ready. But don't worry. They'll get baptized this transfer.
So other transfer updates: my district stayed the same- so I still have Elder Lamb and Moulder in Jargalant, and Khosbaatar and Batkhuyag in Khovd, for now. We have another mini transfer in 3 weeks with 5 new Mongolians coming, so there will be more changes.
Sister Kofoed went to Erdenet!!!!! I am so excited for her to serve in the countryside, but I'm also gonna miss her a ton! We got super close this last transfer because we went on exchanges so often, and she'll probably finish her mission out there, because she only has 2 transfers left!

Last time teaching with Sister Kofoed

Elders Fillmore and Ramos, and Sisters Hawkins and Rue all flew back to America. Elder Browning is still hanging out in Mongolia for a week with his dad and brother here, and Sister Tao will be in Cambodia for 2 weeks with her family, then go to America. Elder Rodriguez is the new AP.
Sister Bottorff and Guild are finishing training the 2 new American sisters, Shreeve and Tillary.
Whew. Ok, got that out of the way.

So, English is so fun at the BZ. Mendjargal has come a few times, and it is always so fun to see him! He's getting ready to go on a mission!!!! Wow. The kid that Sister Gardiner and I taught every lesson- in like 3 weeks mind you- and saw baptized, is now preparing to be a missionary!! It's so amazing. He also met Nomin at English and they became friends and are gonna go to mission prep together! Dang. It's all too good.

Haha speaking of Nomin, I did a really mean thing. I had told her before hand that I most likely will be staying in Jargalant until February, so she didn't need to worry. Then when transfers came out (which also happened to be her birthday) I called her and told her I was going to Erdenet with Sister Kofoed. She started crying. I was holding the phone away from my face so she wouldn't hear me laughing. I let it sit for just a minute, then told her I was kidding and am really staying. I guess it wasn't the nicest birthday present hahaha.

They smiled until we got the camera out.

Things always change at transfers, and now Sister Mason is teaching English on Mondays, and it's super complicated and there's a lot of other companion switches, but long story short, I ended up with Sister Lichtenberg all day yesterday!!! It was SO FUN! We kind of just relived our transfer together in one day, and it was just so good to be back together. We'll get to work together next Monday as well, then she might get switched at the mini-transfer, then we'll have to figure something else out again, but it was still awesome.

Also, 1 pair of camel leggings is warmer than 3 pairs of normal ones. Just thought you should know. I put that theory to the test yesterday and didn't wear the camel wool. BAD DECISION. Lesson learned. Always wear the camel wool.
Stay warm out there!

Sister Hansen

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