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Sunday, December 4, 2016

I've never climbed that icy mountain so fast

Do remember several weeks ago that woman with the little twins that we met on the road and we were super excited about teaching? Well, we met with her a few times, but she was not super into it and not keeping any commitments and I didn't really see her progressing, then she stopped answering our calls, so we kind of just set her record to the side.

Me, Nomin, Lichtenberg

Then last Saturday night, Nomin had a dream that we were in Byambatsetsegs house again teaching a lesson. Then Sunday she couldn't stop thinking about her. Then Monday, while going home, she wasn't paying attention and missed her bus stop, and when she got off at the next one, guess who she ran into on the street? Yes, Byambatsetseg. She talked to her for a bit and asked if she would like to meet with us again, and she said she would. So, the very next day, we went to her house, and she opened up about worries she has for her 17 year old daughter, and how she wants to have a better relationship with her and she wants her to have a better life and learn English and all this stuff that the gospel of Jesus Christ can help with. So we told her just that. She seemed so much more prepared and open the second time around. We told her if she wants this for her daughter, she needs to set the example and start living the way she wants her daughter to be. We invited her to come to church again on Sunday. She said she would.

My friend that's getting baptized Dec 23rd

So then Saturday comes, and I call to remind her of church tomorrow, and she was nervous about bringing her babies out in the cold, and said if it was warm enough she would come. I had such a strong feeling about her coming to church- I wanted her there so bad.

Sunday morning- it's freezing. So cold. We get to the church early to try to come up with a plan, maybe we can find somebody with a car that can go pick her up, just anything. Then Nomin comes, and I'm worried that it's not going to happen today. But I just have a huge urge to go to her house. It's almost 11:30, church starts at 12. I asked the Elders to find someone to press the button on the piano, we grabbed Nomin, jumped in a taxi and I've never climbed that icy mountain so fast. I think Byambatsetseg was a little surprised when we showed up at her ger, and it took quite a bit of convincing, but we finally got one of her twins layered up and ready to go to church- the other baby stayed home with dad.

Horses in the street

We got to church 20 minutes late- missed the sacrament, but I felt so right, and so good about Bymbatsetseg being there. She listened so closely to the testimonies born in sacrament meeting. I think she really loved seeing kids and families together at church. It also made my heart so happy when we got there and Oyun and Gompil were already sitting and listening in sacrament meeting!!
Then the principles class was on eternal families- so perfect. Bymbatsetseg was so focus and involved in the lesson. I really believe that she felt the spirit at church, and am so grateful that we followed the promptings of the spirit to go pick her up and bring her to church. We have a follow up appointment on Wednesday.

This is the type of bus that ran over Sister Nelson

Last Sunday, in a coordination meeting with our ward mission leader, we were having a bit of an argument on the topic of ward missionaries, and my ward mission leader said to me "you should never teach a lesson without a Mongolian because your Mongolian is good, but not good enough." and it kind of tore me apart, because in the moment, I believed him. I was super pissed that he said that to me, but then I let that get into my head, that my language is good, but still not REALLY good. Then I was pretty upset the rest of the day. The next day during comp study I was talking to Sister Mason about this, and she had no idea what had happened because the whole meeting was in Mongolian. Then she said something like "Well, he told you that in Mongolian, and you understood him perfectly..... the irony" then I just felt better. Yes, my Mongolian is not perfect- and it never will be- because I'm American. But I have been so blessed with the gift of tongues, and I can teach the gospel with power and authority. That is why I'm here- to help bring people closer to Christ, and my language ability right now is sufficient for the Lord's needs.

We added Korean Walmart lights to our tree! Mason's mom send a huge package of presents.

Also, high five to myself for directing the Elders through a ger district over the phone. See, I can do work.

Also, Sister Tao is finishing her mission this week, so she came back to Jargalant to say goodbye to all her people from when she served here, and she happened to be on a split with Lichtenberg for the day, so we spent the day all 4 of us plus Nomin going around visiting all our people!! It was so fun!!

Lichtenberg, Tao, ?,?, Me, Mason

Christmas is coming! Keep the spirit of service and love in your hearts! Have a great week!
Sister Hansen

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