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Monday, December 26, 2016

Christmas = Skype

[From Jennifer's parents]
After months of buildup, Christmas finally came this year, and culminated in the Skype call with our missionary.

Trans-world family reunion over Skype.
Some tidbits from the Skype call:
- 1 hour
- The cold doesn't bother her, much.
- She misses American food
- She plays the piano every week in sacrament meeting

Merry Christmas from ninus 30 degrees

Holiday Greetings from her English Class

Kirby, Lichtenberg, Me

Me & Sister Mason (companion)

Nomin is a good hugger

The MTC gang back together

Christmas advent calendar from the Kerrybrook ward with pictures of
Christ and a message from ward members behind each day!. 

Elder Cowles family sent a bunch of t-shirts from a soccer tournament which were well received.

My MTC companion and good friend

Jennifer send a few videos to the family, including this one featuring Erdenbayer (from Sep 19):

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