My Experiences as an English Teacher and Missionary in Mongolia Ulaanbaatar (Jan 2016 – Jul 2017)

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Monday, January 2, 2017

365 days in the service of God.

"B" got baptized!!! Finally! She's pretty much been a member since I came to Jargalant, so now it's just official :) It was so fun. Her mom came as well, and she was very tuned in to "B" when she bore her testimony. She has wonderful parents that I hope will also accept the gospel someday.

Right as the baptismal service was about to start, a dad and daughter showed up at the church, and I immediately knew they were homeless. We invited them into the chapel to be part of the baptism. They stayed for the whole service, and the little party afterwards- we had little sandwiches and snacks and people were talking to them and they were very grateful to have a warm place to be for a couple hours. We sent them out with a bag of leftovers and an invitation to attend church on Sunday. They seemed like very kind people.

Oh yeah, mini-transfers garsan. None of the sisters changed, but Elder Mulder got shipped out to the countryside to finish his mission, and Elder Lamb is still our zone leader but is now white washing Enkhtaivan with Elder Money. So Sister Mason and I are covering Jargalant all on our own! We got put in a district with Khan Uul and Tuul, which means Elder Cowles is my new district leader!! It's so fun! Groupies are the best.
Some of my favorite English students. They all met and are super good friends just from coming to English! 

Also, it has taken me nearly a year, but I'm going to finish reading the Book of Mormon in Mongolian soon! It's been a slow process, but such a good one! I believe that reading the Book of Mormon in Mongolian has helped my language progress the most.

This Friday is one year as a missionary!!! 365 days in the service of God. Yamar goe yum be. I've loved it all. Have a great new year! Be valiant!!!

Sister Hansen

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