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Monday, January 9, 2017

I will never forget my time spent in happy hills

This week was jam packed. I passed a year as a missionary! Who would've ever thought the time would go so fast.

This week I reconnected with Monkhtaivan, the sister missionary that we met at temple square when I received my call to Mongolia! I didn't recognize her at first, but she remembered me! I don't know how, but it was so much fun to talk to her, then she came to my English class! Also that same night, I has 5 infantry officers sit in my class, and they were all very excited about learning English. They were very fun to talk to. A couple of them had been to military trainings in America, and spoke pretty good English.

Sister Monkhtaivan
This Wednesday, Sister Harper came and joined Sister Mason and I for companionship study and 12 week study. I don't know why I was nervous about having her come, but I kind of fretted about it the day before. But, Sister Harper is amazing. She didn't come to judge, she came to edify, and she always has amazing insights and advice that make me want to be a better missionary and mother some day.

I received a very kind note from Elder and Sister Aston in California this week! Please send them my thanks!

A couple weeks ago at "B"'s baptism, I told you of the homeless dad and daughter that showed up. Well, just the other day we were out on the road and saw them again, and Sister Mason had happened to pack a few extra hand warmers in her bag, so we showed them how to shake them to make them warm, and handed them to the little girl, and her face lit up and was very thankful for the little bit of warmth to her hands.
Our Happy 1 year Cake!
This week I kind of started getting a little bit sentimental about Jargalant. I've been here for nearly 5 months now, so I assume I will leave with this coming transfer, and that thought actually makes me really sad. I love this place. I love this ward! I started taking pictures of random roads and hills and things so I will never forget my time spent in happy hills. I've grown up a lot here, and have absolutely loved serving these people. We're working pretty closely right now with 2 member families that are preparing to go to the temple, and I love it.
When kids leave broken water containers around.... (Nomin pulling)
I'll be honest, I'm kind of dreading how fast these last 6 months are going to go. I love being a missionary of the Lord.

Also, on an un-spiritual note, next week there is an international judo competition, and we got permission from President to go watch next pday! We're gonna watch Mongolian Judo! I'm so excited! Ok, have a great week :)

Sister Hansen

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