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Monday, January 30, 2017

I love this mission

You know you have been in Mongolia too long when it gets to 5 degrees and you start stripping layers because you're too hot..
With Sister Olsen
So you all have pretty much heard by now the new changes to the missionary schedule and key indicators! The Mongolia missionaries are not terribly affected by it because we already move our studies around so much because of our English assignments, but there are definitely still changes and we are all going to adjust and try to use our time more effectively to become better servants of God. 

We currently have 16 American sisters in our mission, and once the next group leaves in March, we will be down to 10. 

Remember my favorite investigators Myagmar and Sunjidmaa from Selbe? Sunjidmaa's daughter Buyanhishig got baptized last week!!! It was so amazing!!! Oh my gosh it was so much fun to see them again. It was such a beautiful, wonderful baptism. Buyanhishig was just beaming, and they also asked Sunjidmaa to bear her testimony even though she isn't a member yet. She is still working through a marriage bump, but she has incredible faith and was so proud of her daughter. It was so much fun!! I'm so grateful to have been a little part of that. I wish Gardiner could have been there! :) 

We also received wonderful news from our investigator Solonga (her daughter is currently serving in Idaho Falls). She received all the lessons with her 2 daughters and wants to be baptized so bad, but also has a marriage problem. She was married many many years ago to a man who disappeared and she hasn't seen or heard from him. She married her current husband, Erdenbayar, who they have 4 wonderful children with. But because the other guy is gone, they never had an official divorce, so she couldn't get a marriage certificate to Erdenebayar. BUT when we went to visit her last week, and I have no idea how, but somehow she contacted this man from over 20 years ago, and he agreed to meet and sign the divorce papers!!! Then there is a 3 month layover period until she can get her new marriage license, then she can be baptized!!!!!! MIRACLES!!!! How amazing will it be for Namuuna to come home and have her mom be a member!!! WOW! It was so incredibly happy news. I love that family, and their goodness and faith. 
Yoko got his mission call this week! He was called to Mongolia and will start an April 1!!! That will be missionary #8 from the Jargalant ward!! He opened it right after mission prep, and I was teaching English upstairs, so we ended speaking club a little early so we could be there :) Then everybody broke out in Called to Serve and it was so awesome! Welcome to the army, Elder! 

I love this mission and I love this gospel. Have a wonderful week. 
Sister Hansen
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