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Monday, January 23, 2017

Perks of being an English teacher!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM! Wow I hope you have a really great day, and eat some really good cake!!

This week went by really fast. I think we also hit a personal record of being outside in -35 degrees. *high five*

Believe it or not, all these clothes were on my body at the same time

I got an email from a random lady last week named "T", and she said she got baptized 8 years ago but hasn't gone to church in years but now she misses it but doesn't know what ward she is in. She included her phone number so I called her right away and found out that she lives in Selbe! So I handed her off to the Selbe elders and they immediately contacted her and gave her the information about church on Sunday, and she said she'll be there! It was so cool to see how within minutes of reaching out this woman was pulled back into the loving arms of the church.

This pic was stolen from Sister Olsen's blog

We also have recently reconnected with a less active woman who has been so difficult to meet with, but we miraculously got into her house while back and we started talking about learning English. We offered to teach her English in her home if we can also include a spiritual lesson as well, and she got so excited!! Now we are consistently meeting with her at least once a week. Perks of being an English teacher! We're still fulfilling our calling!

Mongolian Judo! This guy was in the Olympics!! 

So, believe it or not, "O" is entering her baptismal interview this Thursday!!!! WOW! If all goes well, she will be baptized on February 3rd. Please keep her in your prayers that everything will go smoothly, and we can help "O" enter the waters of baptism.

Horse intestine (tastes a little slimy)

I am so grateful that through the atonement we can be completely cleansed and healed and leave all mistakes and sins behind us and nothing ever has to hold us back. We can shake the chains of past guilt and pain and move forward, always led by the Savior, Jesus Christ.

These are the 2 sisters that I met at temple square before my mission! The second one just got home a week ago! 

Have a great week,
Sister Hansen

Sledding with Sister Mason

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