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Sunday, February 12, 2017

They somehow always find us

Transfers! Transfers! Read all about it!

I said goodbye to my beloved hills of Jargalant, and now am serving in Bayanzurkh with Sister Shreeve! I am so looking forward to this new challenge and adventure!

Sisters Bottorff, Hansen, Shreeve

Sister Bottorff and Guild are both the new STLs! They'll be great, and Sister Olsen and Lichtenberg are now companions in Sukhbaatar!

Transfers are always pretty crazy here in Mongol. Thursday morning I moved all my luggage to my first apartment when I was training with Sister Gardiner. Then we moved Sister Bottorff from BZ all the way out to Khan Uul, then we moved Sister Nelson from Khan Uul to Jargalant, then we moved Lichtenberg from Sansar to Sukhbaatar, then we played a game of shaggai, then I taught English! It was exhausting. But great.

Moving day with Bottorff, Hansen, Mason, Olsen

The bowling-in-skirts crew.
Lichtenberg, Kirby, Mason, Hansen

ALSO! More good news, Elders Udall and Hansen got their visas, and will be here by the end of the week!!! We are so excited to finally have them here.

So Saturday we had an English training for all American English teachers (and got pizza after, so booyah) then as we were all mingling and finishing up, this white girl wandered in and was looking around, and of course we're all like "Who is this girl? Is she an RM? What's going on?" Then she approached Elder Atnip and asked "Where are your worship services?" turns out she's with the peace corps and has lived in the countryside since May! She's a Christian is going to be in the city for a few weeks and wanted to find a Christian congregation to worship with! So we gave her the address of the Khan Uul church, because they are the international branch and provide translation, and she was so grateful and excited! So, yeah, that was cool. Hahaha then she seemed really confused and started asking who we were and if we were all English teachers and what we do. We told her we were all English teachers from the same company and had just finished a training.

Even though we are not outside actively finding and contacting people to share the gospel, they somehow always find us. It's a beautiful way to do work :)

I really liked this quote this week from Elder Kevin Pearson from the 70. "Don't allow something that you don't fully understand unravel everything you already know."

Sain bodooroi :)

Okay have a great week! I'm going to meet a celebrity today! Tell you all about it next week!

Sister Hansen
My traditional clothing for the Winter Festival

Q&A Session:
Q: How is your area? Was Sister Shreeve there already, or are you both new?
A: She was here before, but BZ is HUGE and she has only been here 2 months so it's hard so we're helping each other out

Q: And you still teach english at the same church? How far away is that?
A: The English class is in the BZ building. If you haven't figured it out yet, the mission home (also called the Bayanzurkh) is like the main hub of the church in Mongolia. My ward now meets there, as well as my English class. We are actually very close to it now.

Q:How is the winter festival?
A:sagaan sar doesn't start until the 27th I think. Everyone is started to get prepped and making all their buuz though

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