My Experiences as an English Teacher and Missionary in Mongolia Ulaanbaatar (Jan 2016 – Jul 2017)

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Monday, April 10, 2017

We will miss Dr. and Sister Sutphin

This was a busy busy busy week for Sister Guild and I with English schedules back to normal, covering both East and West zone conferences, general conference, and my beautiful, wonderful Sunjidmaa getting baptized Saturday night!!! It was so special, and she has prepared herself well for this day. She is completely converted to the gospel of Jesus Christ, has shining faith, and I cannot wait for the day she and Myagmar make it to the temple. What I wouldn't give to be there. I love them.

Me, my beautiful Sunjidmaa, Sister Guild

General conference was amazing. So many wonderful words and testimonies were given. I really liked President Nelson's thoughts about not giving credit to the atonement, but giving credit to the Savior, who DID the atonement. I've been pondering that for a couple days.

We went to the Hard Rock cafe!!!! It was so fun, and the food was AMAZING!

Me and my companion, Sister Guild

Doctor and Sister Sutphin gave their departing testimony after conference on Sunday. They will be leaving in a couple weeks, and we will miss them. We'll miss the stories, quirks, home cooking, "toilet tree" guilt trip lectures, and just having them around. I'm so grateful for our missions and the relationships we've made.

The school where I teach English
Because everyone is asking about my ankle, everything is fine. The bruising and bleeding is nearly gone, it's still pretty swollen, but I can walk in the astronaut boot just fine and still get to school and appointments and such, so don't worry. I even went to the circus on crutches!

At the circus. Front row seats!

This was awesome. 

President Harper shared this scripture at one of the zone conferences: D&C 60:2-3, 7. Open your mouths my friends, share your light and goodness. Talk with everyone, and lift others and yourself to a higher plane of living.
I love you
Sister Hansen

Our whole MTC group finally together!!! And, as always, we can't get a good picture.... 

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