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Tuesday, April 25, 2017

I hope Sister Guild and I stay together

I was so thrilled to read about the wonderful funeral service that happened for grandpa this weekend. I laughed the whole time while reading Kelly and Kevin's talk, having a very clear picture of grandpa saying each of those semi-insulting one liners :) From the pictures it looks like everything was so nice and everyone is happy and in wonderful spirits. I wouldn't expect it to be any other way.

We are never together to take pictures, so we did our own little photo shoot in our newly renovated apartment. 

This week we moved on very short notice. Sister Guild and I were on an exchange, and had to pack everything in one night and the next morning- not only our personal things, but the apartment was getting shut down so we had to pack EVERYTHING. There had been assistants living in that apartment for years, so the amount of books and random things that have built up were totally out of control. But, Elders Ames, Hansen, Bird and Johnson were there to help, and we couldn't have done it without them. We got it done, and I am now living for round 3 in my last apartment! The same one that I lived in while I was training with Sister Gardiner, then was there again with Sister Shreeve, but now it is refurnished and we have all new walls, floor, kitchen, couch, and closets, and it is so much better! I will probably live here for the rest of my mission.

Moving: I definitely won the compact packing contest. *high five to myself*

New apartment, same ol' washing machine :)

This last week I was able to go on a split with Sister Weaver, and Sister Bottorff! They are both doing really great- I am so impressed with the 3 new sisters that have just arrived. They are all rocking it in the language as well as just loving missionary life. As always, being with Sister Bottorff is just a blast and we talked and talked and talked the entire day.

Freak dust storm thing that happened last week.

We've also received several new referrals this week, and we are just so busy and happy all the time, but Sister Guild and I hardly have any time to ever work in our area, but we are trying to manage everything well to give these people the love and attention they need. One of the referrals is cute 18 year old girl named Orhon, who we've met twice already, and she said she wants to meet every day because this is so cool!! Hahaha I wish we had the time to meet her every day! I would really love to see another investigator baptized before I come home.

Next Monday and Tuesday we have the big English symposium again, where the professors from BYU and ELC and stuff come in to do the conference for the Mongolian English teachers. It should be super great. Then transfers will come out that night. I hope that Sister Guild and I stay together. We've hardly been companions this transfer, and it went too fast!! But as always, we just take it as it comes and make the best of every situation!

Sister Hansen

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