My Experiences as an English Teacher and Missionary in Mongolia Ulaanbaatar (Jan 2016 – Jul 2017)

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Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Mongolia on crutches

Luckily the MRI results came back showing no rips or tears, only bad sprains in a few ligaments. Navigating Mongolia on crutches is something I wouldn't wish upon anyone, but we're making it work, and it's only until Monday, then I'll have to find a new work out that will keep up the new muscles I have in my back!
My crutches and Sister Guild

I was able to go on an exchange with Sister Brezinski this week, and it was so fun. She did an internship in India about a year ago, so we had plenty to talk about. She also is currently serving in my first area, so it was fun to get updates on all the people that I met and taught while I was there. So good to hear that my first baptism, Mendjargal is still doing awesome and is preparing to go on his mission this summer. He is about to hit his year mark as a member in just a few weeks! So amazing. So much has changed in that time.

We also met a wonderful new family who came to church last week and were able to teach them about God and prayer. As we described to them the Holy Ghost, they said, "Oh, we felt that when we were at church!" I love when Heavenly Father prepares people like that. I'm very excited to meet them again with my companion.

Sister Guild and I are having so much fun together. It's so awesome to see our progress from when we were in the MTC. We both love missionary work and Mongolia so much, and we've become even better friends since being together. She is also so patient with me crutching around the country, and just makes me laugh instead of getting frustrated.
I love this picture of me and the sisters from my group (Me, Guild, Bottorff, Olsen)

I am so excited for conference this weekend, and to hear the guidance and direction of our prophet and apostles. Having a hard time believing this will be my last conference as a missionary. Recently I have been having a hard time picturing myself being home. I mean, I go through phases of being excited, ,but also dreading leaving Mongolia, because I love it here so much. There is a saying here is Mongolia that goes like this: "Suusan gazaraasaa shoroo atgah" meaning, "From where you are, hold the earth". I know that we can do good wherever we go, we just have to actually get out there and look for it, and do it. We can make a difference right where we stand.

Sister Hansen

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