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Monday, May 8, 2017

So excited to be missionaries at the same time as Allison!

First of all, I just got to watch the video of my sister opening her mission call to the California, Modesto mission, leaving July 12th!!!! I am so excited for us both to be missionaries at the same time for 2 weeks :)

In regards to this week, we got down to work building up our relationships with the members, and it was so awesome. We did an FHE with the Bishop's family, and taught them how to play "Don't Eat Pete!" and Spoons, and it was so fun!! Their kids are adorable. We also just got a new ward mission leader, named Pujee, who served his mission  in Mongolia 4 years ago with my MTC teacher, Brother Boyd! He's super awesome, super pumped about missionary work, and we're really excited to start working with him.

We also have been meeting with a less-active names Urinbileg (mom, this is the one you've been chatting with on FB- she sent a picture of us together). She has been a member for a long time, but also inactive for a long time. But we started befriending her, and she is coming back very quickly. We had a wonderful lesson on testimonies- what your testimony is based on, how to grow and strengthen your testimony, and how your testimony can be your most valuable defense through life. She was so appreciative and said that it was just what she needed. She told us later that since meeting us, she starting thinking about going on a mission, and she wants to start preparing to serve a mission by the end of the summer!! Holy cow!! Missions are the best.

It's starting to get so warm and beautiful again. It feels so good to go without tights for the first time since September!!

Playing shagai with the Baganuur sisters

I'm so looking forward to Skyping with my family next week! Can't wait to talk to Allison about her mission, and see everyone's faces- last one of my mission. It's all going way too fast now.

Have a wonderful week, my people.
Sister Hansen

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